“…he was an advisor, someone who challenged my imagination and commitments.”

Marianne Lais Ginsburg Formerly of the German Marshall Fund

In 1979, under the aegis of the Institute for European Environmental Policy, Konrad and GMF launch the first transatlantic fellows program for policy experts and practitioners, all young and eager to learn. Clearly, a niche needing to be filled and a network that needed to be created. Konrad’s enthusiasm and commitment to help fellows grasp the importance of different cultures and political traditions were enlivening and contagious. “To explore how another country approaches problems you face at home opens your eyes to unexpected solutions,” Konrad would say. He takes obvious pleasure in creating just the right itinerary for a fellow, first in Europe and then in the United States, and in showing others how it is done. When these efforts bear fruit he radiates satisfaction. Hundreds of fellows on both sides of the Atlantic benefit directly or indirectly from Konrad’s early vision. Whenever I meet one of them, they talk about him, his wisdom and kindness, his patience and caring.

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