Konrad von Moltke Grantees past and present discuss their experiences with the Fund. Watch full discussion

Paul Senker (2011-2012)

“There are countless lessons to learn from Konrad von Moltke's work, and in this pivotal moment in environmental policymaking, they are now more important than ever. I am thrilled by this tremendous opportunity to develop my career as an environmental decision maker in an international context.”

Paul Senker joined Ecologic Institute as a Transatlantic Fellow in 2011. Through his prior international experience he has developed a sense of globalism that he finds indispensible in any discourse addressing the public good, including environmental policy. With his interests in international climate change policy, a field constantly hindered by domestic economic interests, Paul is inspired by Konrad von Moltke’s vision of environmental policy as a constructive, pluralistic force. Paul hopes to be able to take the lessons he learns from his fellowship and put them to use back to the United States. Read more: Biography, Video testimonial

Claire Weill (2011)

“I met Konrad von Moltke for the first time in spring 2002 at the Institute for sustainable development and international relations (IDDRI) in Paris, where I was in charge of precaution issues.  To meet Konrad and to collaborate with him constitute one of the happiest events of my life.”

Claire Weill is a physicist and a French civil servant of the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transportation and household.  In the past, she was a part of the French Interministerial Task Force for Climate Change, as well as IDDRI in Paris, where she collaborated with Konrad von Moltke on several projects. Thereafter, Claire worked at the cabinet of the Mayor of Paris as a senior advisor in research and education. Since then, she has been a General reporter of the Scientific Council of the City of Paris. Recently, she has come back to Konrad Von Moltke's work, with her project aiming to describe the original personality and career of Konrad von Moltke, and to evaluate his contributions to the emergence and development of environmental policies. The first part of this project consists of interviewing former colleagues of Konrad. Claire’s Konrad von Moltke grant was a contribution to travels to Berlin and Washington DC for that purpose.

Krista Timeus Cerezo (2010-2011)

“My generation will face unprecedented environmental challenges. As someone who aspires to guide and foster this generation’s environmental policy, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Konrad von Moltke’s work—he is an inspiration to those of us trying to make a difference.”

Krista Timeus came to Berlin in 2010 as a Transatlantic Fellow. Like Konrad von Moltke used to refer to himself, Krista is a “multinational”: she was born and raised in Guatemala, studied in the United States and has also traveled extensively throughout South America and Europe. It is no surprise, therefore, that Krista also sees international cooperation as a key element of environmental governance. Against this background, Krista has conducted research on energy and climate change policy, focusing especially on biofuels and renewable energy. In 2011, the Konrad von Moltke fund allowed her to travel to Brussels and London, where she attended two conferences about sustainable resource use in the new “Green Economy.” Krista hopes to apply what she has learned to promote sustainable development in Latin America. Read more: Biography, Video testimonial

Andrew Reid (2010-2011)

“The prospect of following in Konrad’s footsteps is a humbling one – but the knowledge that a single man can have such a profound impact fills me with hope as I chart my own course in the complex and evolving fields of ocean and climate governance.”

Having worked on the international environmental affairs of small island developing states with the NGO Islands First, Andrew came to Berlin from Canada in 2010 to study coastal and marine governance issues. As a 2011 Konrad von Moltke Fellow, Andrew used the opportunity to draw connections between these different areas of research and learn how work on coastal adaptation, integrated maritime policy and international climate action feeds into global processes. The Konrad von Motlke fund enabled him to travel to events on oceans, coasts and small islands leading up to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20). Read more: Biography, Video testimonial

Dr. Tanja Srebotnjak (2009)

"I feel honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to come to Berlin and work with such dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues. And the path that began in 2009 now continues in my new hometown San Mateo, California, where Ecologic Institute opened a new project office, which will open new opportunities for transatlantic exchange and cooperation."

Tanja Srebotnjak spent two months as a Konrad von Moltke Fellow at Ecologic Institute in the summer of 2009. "The fellowship was a great opportunity for me to continue my career in environmental science and policy following a one-year postdoctoral fellowship in global health."

As a KvM Fellow and environmental statistician, Tanja worked on efforts, such as the FP7 project IN-STREAM, to develop new and better measures for human well-being and prosperity while respecting ecological limits, which utilised her earlier work on measuring environmental performance and the design of composite indicators for environmental policy at the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Read more: Biography

Susanah Stoessel (2008-2009)

"I am honored to be fostered -- and challenged -- in the memory of such a great man. The depth and dimension of Konrad's humanity and the quality of his discernment is truly something to aspire to."

After a year spent with the Global Environmental Governance Project, managing its United Nations Environmental History Initiative, Susanah came to Berlin in September 2008 as Ecologic Institute's first Konrad von Moltke Fellow. During her fellowship, Susanah studied the ongoing efforts to reform the United Nations' institutional framework for environmental governance and supported the organisation of the Global Environmental Governance Forum in Glion. Susanah's Konrad von Moltke grant enabled her to make the initial journey from the US to Berlin and to attend the GEG Forum in Switzerland in June 2009. Read more: Biography, Video testimonial