Adam Pearson (2014)

"The work of Konrad von Moltke resonates so strongly with me because he understood how an increasingly fragmented and connected world not only creates system-wide challenges but most importantly, opportunities. He understood the value of working with people on all sides to develop strategies according to the needs of everyone. This spirit of face-to-face collaboration, I deeply believe, will guide my approach to future international environmental efforts and activities."

Adam Pearson joined Ecologic Institute in 2013 as a Transatlantic Fellow. His research interests include renewable energy, climate change policy, and interdisciplinary research dissemination. Before his time at the Institute, Adam spent time at American and German NGOs and research institutions, honing analytical, scientific, and policy approaches to develop new transport and energy strategies. Thrilled by the opportunity, Adam looks forward to applying the Konrad von Moltke funds to wrestle with these interconnected behavioral, environmental, and energy challenges at the international stage. Read more: Biography.