Andrew Eberle (2013)

"Konrad von Moltke was a trailblazer, foreseeing the implications that an ever-more connected world would have for people around the globe. He saw the potential benefits that a more connected and cooperative world could bring for everyone, and I hope to continue identifying and exploring these opportunities, as he did.”

Andrew Eberle joined Ecologic Institute in the spring of 2013 as a Transatlantic Fellow. Working primarily with Ecologic’s legal team, his research addresses climate change, transport, and trade policies and their many impacts on the environment and beyond. Previously, Andrew worked for multiple organizations in the area of renewable energy law. Andrew is excited by the opportunity the Konrad von Moltke fund has given him to further explore the environmental, economic, and social implications of climate change and the transition to a more sustainable society, in particular the many complex challenges faced by the Arctic region. Read more: Biography