Andrew Reid (2010-2011)

“The prospect of following in Konrad’s footsteps is a humbling one – but the knowledge that a single man can have such a profound impact fills me with hope as I chart my own course in the complex and evolving fields of ocean and climate governance.”

Having worked on the international environmental affairs of small island developing states with the NGO Islands First, Andrew came to Berlin from Canada in 2010 to study coastal and marine governance issues. As a 2011 Konrad von Moltke Fellow, Andrew used the opportunity to draw connections between these different areas of research and learn how work on coastal adaptation, integrated maritime policy and international climate action feeds into global processes. The Konrad von Motlke fund enabled him to travel to events on oceans, coasts and small islands leading up to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20). Read more: Biography, Video testimonial