Claire Weill (2011)

“I met Konrad von Moltke for the first time in spring 2002 at the Institute for sustainable development and international relations (IDDRI) in Paris, where I was in charge of precaution issues.  To meet Konrad and to collaborate with him constitute one of the happiest events of my life.”

Claire Weill is a physicist and a French civil servant of the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development, transportation and household.  In the past, she was a part of the French Interministerial Task Force for Climate Change, as well as IDDRI in Paris, where she collaborated with Konrad von Moltke on several projects. Thereafter, Claire worked at the cabinet of the Mayor of Paris as a senior advisor in research and education. Since then, she has been a General reporter of the Scientific Council of the City of Paris. Recently, she has come back to Konrad Von Moltke's work, with her project aiming to describe the original personality and career of Konrad von Moltke, and to evaluate his contributions to the emergence and development of environmental policies. The first part of this project consists of interviewing former colleagues of Konrad. Claire’s Konrad von Moltke grant was a contribution to travels to Berlin and Washington DC for that purpose.