Dr. Tanja Srebotnjak (2009)

"I feel honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to come to Berlin and work with such dedicated and knowledgeable colleagues. And the path that began in 2009 now continues in my new hometown San Mateo, California, where Ecologic Institute opened a new project office, which will open new opportunities for transatlantic exchange and cooperation."

Tanja Srebotnjak spent two months as a Konrad von Moltke Fellow at Ecologic Institute in the summer of 2009. "The fellowship was a great opportunity for me to continue my career in environmental science and policy following a one-year postdoctoral fellowship in global health."

As a KvM Fellow and environmental statistician, Tanja worked on efforts, such as the FP7 project IN-STREAM, to develop new and better measures for human well-being and prosperity while respecting ecological limits, which utilised her earlier work on measuring environmental performance and the design of composite indicators for environmental policy at the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy. Read more: Biography