Elizabeth Dooley (2013)

“Konrad exuded concern for others and how we treat this planet we share. Sustainability in the relationship between agriculture and the environment is a global imperative as we move into a more populated, climate-uncertain future. I am honored to have the opportunity to explore these pervasive issues in the footsteps of such an amazing advocate.”

Beth Dooley’s work denotes a strong connection to her rural Iowa farming background and interest in the reciprocal relationship between food production and the natural resources on which it depends. An attorney specialized in agricultural, global environment and climate change law, Beth came to Berlin in 2013 to join the agricultural and biodiversity team at Ecologic Institute as a Transatlantic Fellow. As a 2013 Konrad von Moltke Fellow, Beth would like to build on her prior work at the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research on international forestry, development and sustainable land management by continuing to explore the linkages between global agriculture, climate change, and food security. The Konrad von Moltke fund will enable Beth to travel to events on agriculture, environment and climate change in order to strengthen her knowledge and understanding of these complex topics as well as build networks and connections with others who share her research interests.  Read more: Biography