Katherine Weingartner (2015)

“Konrad von Moltke’s legacy reflects the importance of developing the skills to connect the dots across disciplines and borders to address global problems. While the world watches as melting ice opens the North Passage to an extent never seen before and the international community is abuzz with discussions of Arctic development, the importance of bringing these skills to the multidisciplinary Arctic region cannot be overstated. It is essential that I actively participate in Arctic research beyond the bounds of my city, particularly as it relates to environmental security, to contribute to progressive actions in the Arctic. Through the Konrad von Moltke grant, I will be able to advance his legacy through the pursuit of these ambitions."

Katherine Weingartner has been part of the Ecologic Institute team since February 2014, first as a visiting Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals Fellow and currently as a Transatlantic Fellow. Her research covers a breadth of topics including energy security, environmental crime, cooperation and strategy trends in the Atlantic, sustainable urban planning and Arctic issues. Katherine is thrilled to pursue her interests in Arctic issues from an environmental security standpoint as a Konrad von Moltke Fellow by engaging in scientific conferences and conducting scientific research abroad with leading experts in the field.