Krista Timeus Cerezo (2010-2011)

“My generation will face unprecedented environmental challenges. As someone who aspires to guide and foster this generation’s environmental policy, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Konrad von Moltke’s work—he is an inspiration to those of us trying to make a difference.”

Krista Timeus came to Berlin in 2010 as a Transatlantic Fellow. Like Konrad von Moltke used to refer to himself, Krista is a “multinational”: she was born and raised in Guatemala, studied in the United States and has also traveled extensively throughout South America and Europe. It is no surprise, therefore, that Krista also sees international cooperation as a key element of environmental governance. Against this background, Krista has conducted research on energy and climate change policy, focusing especially on biofuels and renewable energy. In 2011, the Konrad von Moltke fund allowed her to travel to Brussels and London, where she attended two conferences about sustainable resource use in the new “Green Economy.” Krista hopes to apply what she has learned to promote sustainable development in Latin America. Read more: Biography, Video testimonial