Stefanie Albrecht (2015)

“As a visionary leader, Konrad von Moltke is an inspiration for my own path in environmental policy research and practice. As it was for Konrad von Moltke, my focus is also on the role of non-governmental actors and grass-roots influencing sustainable development and environmental policy-making. My work is driven by the desire to explore the dynamics, solutions and variables of decentralised local self-organisation while linking role model actors with academia and policy makers. I hope to expand upon Dr. von Moltke’s work, and support through his fund and network will help me to continue in that direction.”

Stefanie Albrecht joined Ecologic Institute in 2014 as a Research Assistant in European Environmental Policy. She currently works on projects related to governance and sustainable resource management. Among others, her research supports participatory scenario development towards postā€carbon visions and backcasting scenarios in two German cities. Before starting at Ecologic Institute, Stefanie Albrecht worked for three years as a student assistant for Springer Science+Business Media as part of her cooperative education Bachelor in Business Economics with a focus on Digital Media. She has a research interest in ecovillages as models of sustainable living and development. For a study on socio-ecological interaction and institutions she stayed for two months at the emerging Ecovillage Madagascar. The grant from the Konrad von Moltke Fund allows Stefanie to carry out research on ecovillages as change agents of societal transformation towards sustainability. This research also provides the empirical foundation for her master's thesis.