Terri Kafyeke (2013)

"Konrad von Moltke’s legacy proves that a single person can create a domino effect by influencing not only people but also institutions. I wish to be part of that effect and acquire skills, contacts and experiences that will enable me to make a difference and contribute to a better, more environmentally-conscious world. I can only hope to one day follow Konrad von Moltke’s footsteps, but I am confident that I am headed in the right direction."

Terri Kafyeke joined Ecologic Institute in 2012 as a Transatlantic Intern. The internship was part of her MEnv in Environmental Assessment. After completing her degree in Canada, she returned to Ecologic Institute in 2013 as a Transatlantic Fellow. Her main research interest is the integration of environmental matters in decision-making, and more specifically environmental impact assessment. She is also involved in marine policy and green economy-related projects. The Konrad von Moltke fund will amplify Terri’s fellowship experience by enabling her to attend relevant international events, meet people from her field and share ideas with them.
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