Konrad von Moltke Library

The private libraries of achieved men and women often reveal branches of their interests and ambitions otherwise unknown to the public. The Konrad von Moltke Library, consisting of the private collection of Konrad von Moltke, is such a library. Presented to Ecologic Institute by Konrad’s family after his death in 2005, the collection points not only to Konrad’s outstanding contributions to environmental science and policy discourse, but also to his lesser-known Ph.D. in medieval history, and perhaps also to the fierce activism in his family history – his father and mother Helmuth James Graf and Freya Gräfin led the Nazi resistance group "the Kreisau Circle", for which Helmuth was executed in 1945.

The "KvM Library" provides Ecologic Institute staff with a dynamic collection of environmental reference materials, as well as the opportunity to get to know Konrad by way of the items outside his specialty field, the items gifted to him by friends and colleagues, and the items personalized with signatures or handwritten notes. The bulk of the collection consists of books, journals and government and NGO reports in the fields of environmental science and policy published from the 1980’s through the year 2005. Many publications authored by Konrad himself are included.

The KvM Library is a registered library and is actively cataloged by Ecologic Institute’s publications. Made possible by the Konrad von Moltke Fund, the cataloging project will enable standard cataloging field and keyword searches of the collection, as well as keep record of items with special features such as inserts, signatures and handwritten notes. Located in the ground-floor conference room of Ecologic Institute, the library is not officially open to the public. However, individual visits can be arranged per request.

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