Konrad von Moltke Fund Reception – Honoring the 2011 Grantees

On 7 November 2011, friends, colleagues, and family members of Konrad von Moltke gathered in Washington, DC in order to learn about developments of the Konrad von Moltke Fund (KvM) since its inception in 2009. At the event, the KvM Fund’s new website was launched. Alongside information on the KvM Fund and the life and work of Konrad von Moltke, the site features testimonials of Konrad’s friends and the KvM grantees.

Four grantees were able to join the event live from Berlin via video call: Paul Senker, Krista Timeus Cerezo, Andrew Reid, and Susanah Stoessel discussed their research areas, career goals, and how they have, or will make use of, their KvM mobility grant. KvM-grantee Claire Weill attended the event in person. She introduced her research and book project on Konrad’s role in the evolution of international environmental governance.

Going forward, the Konrad von Moltke Fund will continue to support young researchers. Over time, the intention will be to increase the number of supported exchanges, both by expanding the cooperation with institutional partners on both sides of the Atlantic who worked with Konrad in the past, and by scaling up fundraising efforts.